Why Become Member of AIAC ?

Membership of All India Ayurvedic Congress makes you prestigious Ayurvedic physician and entitles you to attend meetings of District branches, Sate branches and also various committees and plenary session of All India Ayurvedic Congress. You may become office bearers of various committees at every level. Many international conferences of Ayurveda is being held in India and abroad and you may attend these conferences at concessional rates. You may be a part of delegation to various authorities for discussion and request for upliftment of Ayurveda.

Membership of All India Ayurvedic Congress

  • Distinguished Membership Fee 2500/-
  • Patron Membership Fee 1500/-
  • Life Membership Fee 500/-
  • Ayurved Mahasammelan Patrika’ Annual Subscription for member 100/-/non-member 200/-/ institution 250/-
  • Ayurved Mahasammelan Patrika’ Life (15 Years) Subscription for member 1000/-/non-member 2500/-/institution 3000/-
Become a Member